The short story:  “Why is it not Intoxicating to kill!” The Diary of a Madman, a short story by Guy de Maupassant. Published in the novel Gil Blas in October 1886. This short story follows a diary of a madman, as suggested in the title. This madman, was a judge, the head of a high […]

Frankenstein speech ideas Character conflict – Frankenstein vs The Creature How Victor Frankenstein puts all this energy into create the perfect creature, to make it seem beautiful. Then to realise its not and to leave it to survive on its own. The creature realises he has been left and all he wants is some sort […]

The moral obligation of being human Right and wrong, ethics we should follow or obey. Moral – a set of personal and collective beliefs Victor ignores his own morals to create the creature The dead should be respected Religion Social exclusion, if you act in a way that is perceived to be immoral quotes:  “One […]

To what extent do you believe that Mary Shelley achieved this original goal?“I busied myself to think of a story… One which would speak to the mysterious fears of our nature and awaken thrilling horror.” I found that within Frankenstein there were many moments where I felt repelled or in some ways abhorrence towards it. […]

The Black Cat, Written by Edgar Allan Poe “My immediate purpose is to place before the world, plainly, succinctly, and without comment, a series of mere household events. In their consequences, these events have terrified — have tortured — have destroyed me.” – Edgar Allan Poe The Black Cat, a short story written by Edgar […]

Task: 1- Make a list of the different phrases V.F uses to describe his ‘creation’ “For this I had deprived myself of rest and health. I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I had nished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust lled my […]

 Robert Walton captained the ship: “How slowly the time passes here, encompassed as I am by frost and snow… I have hired a vessel and am occupied in collecting my sailors.” Sailed into the Arctic: “I am going to unexplored regions, to ‘the land of mist and snow’.” Stuck on ice and saw a gigantic figure on a […]

“have been irksome and almost intolerable. To examine the causes of life, we must first have recourse to death. I became acquainted with the science of anatomy, but this was not suf-cient; I must also observe the natural decay and corruption of the human body. In my education my father had taken the greatest precautions […]

New Language – Chapter 1 syndics My definition – Something that Frankensteins ancestors followed, just like us we follow a governments orders. They were respected, honoured and a representative in some way of life. Real definition – A type of government. Someone who helps out in the court of justice, and a representative. In some […]

‘There is an optical illusion about every person we meet.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson. This quote outlines my point of what I will be trying to get across. I will be explaining the significant connections in the four following texts. The Great Gatsby, written by F.Scott Fitzgerald, Now You See Me (film), directed by Louis […]