The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 review questions

  1. Advice that was given to Nick from his father, ” Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone… Just remember that all people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.” I think that this makes Nick a good person to tell this story because he is as he says “inclined to reserve all judgements,” so as a narrator he won’t judge the characters by their first impression he will give us a detailed view of them which will be the truth and no opinions added, which can let us make our own opinion of them and who they are as a person.
  2. West Egg was new money; new money was when people worked for the money they had, which somehow seemed to be “the less fashion-able of the two” as Nick says. East Egg was old money, old money was money that was inherited along with grand houses to go with it. Nick also says “this is a most superficial tag to express the bizarre and not little sinister contrast between them,” and I would agree with that. I would rather live on West Egg because I would know that I worked hard for my money and not just had it handed down.
  3. A colour I would connect with Daisy would be white because she seems to be pure in a way, like she lives in this perfect world that everyone dreams of but as Nick tells us more about her it seems to be an  illusion. She covers up her imperfectness by a world she has created for herself which in some ways turned against her.
  4. As Tom leaves the dinner table to attend to a phone call Daisy follows and leaves Nick and Miss Baker alone at the table. Nick tries to speak to Miss Baker but she was more interested in listening to Tom and Daisy’s conversation so after a bit of silence Nick tries to speak up and as he does so Miss Baker reveals this, “I thought everybody knew… Why, Tom’s got some woman in New York.” I believe this may show that she can be a very nosey person and she thinks she ought to know what is going on so she continues to listen to the conversation and ignores what else is around her.
  5. At the end of the first chapter Nick goes home after dinner at Daisy’s to find what he thinks to be Mr Gatsby standing at the end of the dock staring out at sea and across from him he can see what appears to be a green light. The green light might be a symbol for hope, new beginnings or dreams for a new future.



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