how is the scene in the hotel room in chapter 7 similar to the scene in chapter 2? relate it back to illusion if you can.

The scene in the hotel room is similar to the scene in the apartment in chapter 3 because as read in chapter 2 Tom and Myrtle are acting in this life that they do not have, their lives are very different to that but they want to feel as if their lives are like that so they create this fake scene where people who they know well can’t see them. Tom also gets angry with Myrtle as she talks about Daisy. This is similar because i think they go to the hotel to get away from their lives and the people they know because they know that Daisy is going to try leave Tom and Tom doesn’t want that to be seen around the people at his house or around the area. It is also similar because Tom starts to get angry at Gatsby as they talk about Daisy, it is almost mirroring the scene in chapter 2.

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