3rd September 2018

Frankenstein Ideas

To what extent do you believe that Mary Shelley achieved this original goal?
I busied myself to think of a story… One which would speak to the mysterious fears of our nature and awaken thrilling horror.”

I found that within Frankenstein there were many moments where I felt repelled or in some ways abhorrence towards it. When I think of horror or I feel horrified, it is of utmost shock or complete discomfort. In ways it could be to turn me away from my normal day. As an example, when you were a kid, you may have been told these scary stories about outside and what happens at night time, and you feel so scared and you develop a fear of the dark, or for some kids it may be spiders or animals. Its this chilling feeling of complete horror of what could happen. For Mary Shelley to develop this feeling of ‘fear’ and ‘thrilling horror’ I believe that her audience would have felt it, maybe in her era. For the audience of people reading it now, I don’t believe people do or would. I didn’t. Maybe its because people hav built perceptions of ‘Frankenstein’ as just this random monster. And we see in other films this allude to Frankensteins creation. An example of this when I think about it is in the movie Hotel Transylvania. They have many different characters that resembelance differnt ‘monsters’ as people would have called it. Even the main character, Dracula is demed to be this funny thing, and nothing scary at all, and this is another story of this time and of gothic/horror fiction. We also see a character in the resembelence of ‘Frankenstein’ as its called, in no way is he feared or horrifying. Many other perceptions of Frankenstiens creature are created, even in in the naming of him, yet Mary Shelley never gave him a name. Also this build up of knowledge and science, we know that this kind of act with in Mary Shelley’s story can’t be true or possible. So with each of those things in mind, and all of the other details throughout her novel, I believe she failed in her original goal. Although I do not speak for the audience of her time, as none of these perceptions were around and this Idea she based around would come to be a very chilling feeling.

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