‘Happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion.’                     Maybe you don’t believe this, or maybe you do but that’s the illusion behind it.  You will never know what the truth is behind other peoples so called happiness. It could just be sadness and confusion. Many people in our lives will hide behind it. To us, it may look so real. The illusion of Happiness also has to do with the stereotype of true happiness. What we see and what we think is true happiness is different to real happiness. It’s the same with the illusion of happiness. So I have concluded three main things to talk about that I think show the illusion of happiness, Money, the stereotype of happiness and lastly the mask of happiness.

point no. 1

Some people believe that money can buy you happiness, but when people say money can’t buy you happiness they really mean it. Many people deny that they truly believe that fact, but no one ever voices it. This is because they spend it before they see it.  A lot of this money goes towards the material things that people think they need in order to be happy. Its like when you watch an ad for a product and they guarantee that ‘if you buy this it will make your life easier/better’ This is the same principle you create for yourself when you come to buy something. First, you think you need something so you go out and buy it, then you might see something you like, and you tell yourself you need it, so you buy it. Throughout society you see this a lot. There will be a new trend and so you have to go and buy it. And why do you do that? you do that because you want to show other people that you are up with the trend and you also have the money to spend. Money also has to do with many other things in your life, not just the wee material things.

moving on to point no. 2

Society creates this stereotype of a life of true happiness, ‘the ideal life of happiness.’ As teens, we also see or hear about this a lot, as we are now growing up and more things are expected of us, in order for us to live a happy life. Once we get out of school we are expected to go to university or get a higher education, like a diploma or certificate for something. This is what we are expected to do, but the rest of it comes a long with this. Once we have got this education we can now get a stable job. After gaining a stable job, you may meet someone and get married. After marriage comes children that many people wish to have. After having this stable job for a while, you may have created enough money to get the house you want. Now after all of that, have you noticed how it all relates back to money. You have to pay for your education, or you specific course you wish to take. You have to pay for your big wedding with all these guests. You also have to pay for nearly everything for your children, think toys, clothes, food, books, school supplies. They are necessities for a child and their needs but if you reach further into it, it goes back to keeping up with the latest trends and we all know this. When you were little and even still now you ask for stuff from your parents because you wanted or want to look cool, you might not need it but you want it so they go and buy it for you. All of these things show people the money you have and not  the happy life that this stereotype is about.

now point no. 3

All your life you have been in training, ever since you were little. Being a toddler or a young child you were always made to look happy. You are always told to smile at others; that’s a hint there, ‘you are told to smile at others’ some people say it is to look friendly, but maybe it is to look like you are ‘happy’. This is your early training stage to masking your happiness. As you get older, say into your early teens or even before that, you start to believe in it yourself, you start make yourself look ‘happy’. Yay, you have completed training stage, but as you hit the age of 13 or above you start getting different emotions and this is when your training really starts to come in and help out. You start to feel upset or angry but the issue is you more often than not you don’t know yourself why you feel like this. Then you start to hide behind what I call the illusion of Happiness. You hide behind this from others around you. Don’t tell me you haven’t done it before because we all have. Sometimes you might do it to your parents, to your peers at school, to your teachers or coaches, to strangers in the street, to family, to anyone really. After this it becomes ingrained in you to make sure you smile to the person walking towards you or your teachers as you walk into class, or you parents as you walk in the door we all do it at some point, and many people start to believe it.

To conclude my speech, I believe that people do hide how they truely feel beside this illusion of happiness, and they follow this stereotype which society has created in order to seem like they live this happy life. And by doing this they just work and work to get money. Money is what society practically tells us we need in order to live this perfect stereotype of a full and happy life. Rather than doing this you could be working in the job that you want to be doing and do the things in life you enjoy and spending time with the people you love. So as I said earlier ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ always believe that because if you think it can you may find yourself in this education or job just to get the life society thinks you need, which is most likely not the life for you. And that is why I think most peoples happiness is just an illusion.



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